Today, we released v1.1.5 to fixed almost bugs in first version. Thanks so much @Melvine and @Jeffrey for your feedback :-). Recently, Some visitors asked me that The Google can crawl and index JLex Comment content or not?. The answer is Yes. All comment will be indexed in Google result. You can use this link: and view source to see it.

There is some change-log in new version:

1. Layout

Fixed CSS in comment box. As first version, you didn't see noted text "Say something here...", it's missing !

2. Cron-job command is wrong

Updated comment in v1.1.5. Because the command is wrong, so all task related to Email not working :(

3. Importing issue

At first version, the importing couldn't complete for large data. Now, it fixed.

4. EasyProfile integration

Now you can sync link and thumbnail of user in JLex Comment with EasyProfile

5. Quick links in email

The admin can task actions directly in email such as: Publish/Featured/Remove.

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