Great module and great tech support. - 22/10/2015

Until early this year (2015) I was using Viper Youtube Video Gallery. Then Google/YouTube changed something with the API key access and the data fields were no longer automatically copied over. I tried to receive tech support from Viper regarding data fields, however they did not respond. Then I started to look for alternative modules displaying a gallery of YouTubes. I purchased YouTube Gallery PRO in July. I was not able to properly configure the API key. Tech support on other questions was great but not successful on the API key question. Then I worked on implementing Youtube Feed PRO. I was not able to configure the API key myself, but with excellent tech support by Victor Nguyen, we succeeded.
Then I wanted to do some formatting changes. Again Victor helped me to make changes in the CSS. Then I asked Victor how I could display the thumbs in a grid, which led him to decide to update his module to a new revision which now includes a grid option, available since October 20, 2015. This is a great module and more importantly great tech support.
Thank you Victor, Manfred -

Excellent and Fast Support! - 22/9/2015

Works Perfect For Multiple Blocks, Excellent Support. Developer is fast, skilled and gives great support. I have used other geo blockers but this is the most complete!

Stephanie Sanchez
It worth every dollar I spent. - 21/9/2015

This component allows you to block some article or modules on your website. It’s really complete and easy to use. You can block with different way
Really good

Best extension in category ! - 6/7/2015

New modul allow many many options to show summary.
This is not only support, this is permanent communication !!!

Kamil Dlouh
Graet product to put Gallyery anywhere - 20/6/2015

I use this gallery on my site to put photo gallery on my K2 articles and modules. You can use various sorces (picasa, Flickr, and you can aslo mix video and photo). With new version is possible upload photos directy from plugin, thats great. I have one conflict problem with one component. Contact support, and in one day all is resolved. Support is great.

Feature rich, versatile and excellent support. - 4/6/2015

It does everything that you could want from a review extension.
ach feature is easy to understand, but full mastery can take a while because of the number of things to learn.

One Very Happy Buyer! - 22/3/2015

The extension works great! The author even made a few custom improvements for me!
Customer Support is definitely a 100! I woud email him with problems and a response and solution would be in my inbox within minutes!

Terry Cayetano
Best Review Extension - 21/2/2015

I really needed a great extension for article review and i found the best extension. JLEX Review will exceed your expectation and you will be amazed with the great support.

Just from a customer of

Fantastic Extension and even more support! - 13/1/2015

Does exactely what it should - you can block any content/module and password protect!
Absolutely fantastic! This is outstanding support, even with fixes and help directly on the installation. I cannot imagine anything better!

Excellent component - 14/10/2014

Excellent component, and really you can make password for everything, just for article, category, component, home page, all site, for one language.... Last interface its great so for me one of the best Joomla component. Good work

Great Extension and Excellent Support - 19/9/2014

After trying a lot of Youtube modules, I would say this definitely the best one in terms of the amount of features and functionality included.
But even better than that, is the amount of help the developer has given me, by adding enhancements and custom features whenever I requested them and then adding these into the module for everyone to enjoy.
All in all a very good experience using this module and working with Jlexart.

Must to have! - 8/7/2014

I consider this component with structured data absolute must for small business websites. Excellent support – amazing and fast. I tested few different components for reviews and this was the best. At the price you pay it is real bargain. But most important, support was unbelievable!
And if you are busy developer, working with clients you don’t have time to waste on bad extensions or component and you understand how vital is timely support.

Highly recommend.
Sincere thanks to the Developer.

You are the best! - 11/6/2014

Best plugin for the reviews that I've seen. And the best support I've ever met. Help on all issues.

Super Support From the Team - 25/5/2014

I created my account solely to give a review for this extension. This team definitely deserves more attention as they have gone out of their way to help me implement this extension on my site. 5-Star service and 5-star extension. I have searched a long time for something like this and tried my luck with this one, was truly delighted with the result. good job guys! keep up the good work!

Unreal!!! I mean really...unreal!!!! - 25/5/2014

This is only the third time that I have rated and extension but this one is so unreal that I personally want to email everyone that works with Joomla to tell them about it! How many times have you struggled with little items that you don't want displayed for certain users? Yes, there are tons of ACL solutions that will block content, or sections or menu items....but NONE block down to the element level! SobiPro users are constantly trying to find a way to show specific entry items to specific users and this is an extremely easy and quick solution for just such a use! I was able to quickly hide Fields on the entry form from registered users allowing me to make these items editable only to a higher paid group! Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!! Hat's off for a great extension!

Sondra Boone
Best Review System on Joomla - 7/4/2014

I also made this account to review this plugin. It's the best system because it has a detailed professional description of the reviews using a chart and testimonials.
They also helped me make a rich snippet on the front page of my site showing stars and linking to google. Great service and great work.

Great Extension an Support! - 25/3/2014

This is my first review and i only registered to give my support to this great Extension.
Jlex works really fine and the support is really great.
Thank you dor this great tool!

Very good. - 23/3/2014

Very good. Great extension and great support.
The pro version is the best and it is very cheap.
Work fine on all component. Mobile version is perfect

Lor Capa
Very Good Extension and Best Support - 18/3/2014

Nice extension just as I wanted. I needed some custom modification with the component and they helped me very well. Satisfied.

Yes, you can put your gallery anywhere - 27/1/2014

For good price I buy plugin Gallery anywhere. Wow, I was suprised. You can simple put your gallery where you want. Best thing is you can mix galleries from various sources: local, picasa, flickr and you cam mix photos and videos form youtube and vimeo. Plugin comes with five beautiful themes. I reccomend this plugin to all who use Joomla.

Great Product - Great Support! - 4/12/2013

I was re-building a Joomla 1.5 site into a Joomla 2.5 stable site and searched around for a tool that can be used to display entire Youtube feeds. Rather than manually using the embed code which was not responsive at all. That being the goal of the re-build; to make it a responsive site for the many devices surfing the web these days.
Well this extension has proven to be simple and useful. It is responsive and automated in that it will post new videos to my site as they are added to Youtube dynamically. What a time saver, and for the low 20 euro cost it is well worth it. Plus I can add multiple modules on any and all pages of my site.
Excellent product and well worth the money spent. Keep up the great work!

Thanks much,
Michael (Homefront Technologies, LLC)

Michael Krevat
Great support - 11/9/2013

These guys did a great job in support to help get the extension up and running on my site. They went through the trouble of rewriting parts of it for me so it would function perfectly. Great job guys!

Simply unavoidable - 26/8/2013

Same opinion here. As long as the other well reviewed password protecting plugin doesn't work with Joomla 3, this is THE solution.
Many private contents should not need registration to be reachable. This extension makes it simple!
The other options of IP and zoning blocking are a real added value.
5 stars, with no hesitation.

Does what it says on the tin - 19/8/2013

Worth the small sum. I spent all day looking for what should have been a 5 minute job. I just wanted to password protect a page of downloads for which my client had an already established password, and didn't want all their customers to have to re-register through the Joomla Registration process. Thank you for providing this simple solution - and I think it's the only one available!

Jonathan Frewin