JLex Review

The fastest way to integrate professional reviewing systems or simply is Customers Testimonials page for your site.

Filter, Comment & Review

  • Search for reviews by keyword, language. You can integrate this tool with Joomla! Search.
  • Sort review by Popular, Newest, Oldest without refresh page
  • Writing, preview comment under each review.
  • Emoticon, helpful vote number
  • Edit, delete or publish review, comment directly on the page
  • Repair content of review, comment by using replacer tool in back-end
  • Automatically collapse review content if too long
  • Pagination - Switch to another page by using AJAX technology
  • Show overview rating of an item from users and editor together

Custom field & Multiple rating

  • You can use multiple review forms on a website.
  • Support many popular field types such as: Text, Textarea, Rating, Select, Checkbox and HTML code
  • Used regular expression for Text field.
  • Add filtering tools based on Select, Checkbox field type to Summary board
  • Easily drag and drop fields to another position
  • Show/hide headline field


  • File, photo attachment. All photos will be collected and sideshow in the Photo tab.
  • Geolocation
  • Preview link, youtube video using the replacer tool
  • Role label help to classify user who wrote review. Example for review of user who purchased product and none.

Security & Anti Spam Tools

  • Joomla captcha - only for review (JED), reCaptcha apply for both review and comment form
  • Blacklist (User or IP address), report (mark content of review or comment are not good)
  • Limit the number of reviews that a user can add in an item.
  • Forbidden name, filter bad words


  • An email contain hot links (to view, delete, publish) will be sent to the moderator/admin.
  • "Thank you letter" will be sent to mailbox of people who wrote review
  • These peoples will also receive an email when someone comment, reply their review.
  • With subscribers, they also receive emails about the latest reviews.

Connecting & Interaction

  • Review snippets by Google, Bind... to display average rating of item to the search result page.
  • Sign-in/sign-up through social ID (Facebook, Google, Twitter and VKontakte)
  • Stream a review post to wall's user in EasySocial and JomSocial
  • Sync user profile data with popular extensions: ES, JomSocial, Easy-Profile, K2, CB..etc


  • Dashboard displays the latest activity related to JLex Review
  • Manage review, rating, comment
  • Manage blacklist, reporting
  • Access control: Specify each user groups what they can do when review on your site
  • Import reviews to an item from CSV file
  • Migrators - transfer reviews from special extension such as Virtuemart or Hikashop
  • Install related add-ons, plugin with just one click


  • Ranking - display user table sorted by total score.
  • Embed review widget (info+rating summary) into another website through frame
  • Custom/add new email template
  • Override/add new JLex Review theme

v4.1.7 - May 20, 2018

  • Added: VKontakte authentication.
  • Added: Toggle display unpublished comment, review for guest
  • Added: On/Off save Ip address
  • Fixed bug: Facebook login issue
  • Fixed bug: User thumbnail not update

v4.1.3 - Mar 09, 2018

  • Added: New theme (Line style)
  • Added: Migrator tools - importing review from special extensions (VM, Hikashop)
  • Fixed bug: Auto update user's avatar when login by their social network

v4.0.9 - Feb 15, 2018

  • Added: Collapse review content if too long.
  • Added: Option to disable self voting/like/dislike
  • Fixed bug: Not load child comments

v4.0.7 - Dec 08, 2017

  • Added: Thanks email - The email will send to people who left review.

v4.0.5 - Oct 09, 2017

  • Added: Embed rating summay to another website.
  • Added: Bring Espace theme back
  • Fixed bug: double slash in link
  • Improved: performance

v4.0.3 - July 20, 2017

  • Fixed bug: publishing comment, review issue
  • Fixed bug: couldn't add comment

v4.0.1 - July 08, 2017

v3.7.4 - Aug 01, 2016

v3.6.1 - May 02, 2016

v3.5.2 - Mar 01, 2016

v3.4.1 - Nov 22, 2015

v3.2.7 - Sep 09, 2015

v3.1.0 - July 02, 2015

A: Does JLex Review support K2?
Q: Yes. Not only for K2 but also almost Joomla! component.

A: How does JLex Review integrate with other extension?
Q: You can install helper plugin, add-ons or use Joomla! Output Overrides.

A: Does it support Google rich snippets structured data markup (schema.org)?
Q: Yes. It support! (product/location/place...etc).

A: Can I still download after my subscription period is expired?
Q: Once your subscription is expired, you will no longer be able to download the latest products. You may still use the older releases which you have downloaded earlier on without any restrictions..

A: Does it support multiple languages?
Q: The JLex Review support translate to any language. Available languages are German, Russian, Spanish..

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JLex Review can integrate for almost Joomla extension. If you don't see your extension, please Contact us to integrate JLex Review now!.

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  • Latest version: 4.1.7
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