Gallery Anywhere

Create an impressive Gallery and locate it anywhere on your website with some simple actions. Support type: Youtube, Vimeo, Picasa, Flickr and local image.

Latest version: 2.8.1

Media Kits

It's plugin of Media component, including popular features of image. Such as: Transfer a remote image(s). Rename, crop, resize and add watermark for image.

Latest version: 1.4.2

Gallery Content

Adding a gallery to content in page. All popular services are supported: Folder, PicasaWeb, Flickr and Youtube. Apply for Content event as: Joomla! Article, K2 and Virtuemart.

Latest version: 1.7.5

JLex Map

The module to add one or more markets with all properties as title, description, logo and link in Joomla. Using address or coordinate to assigned your map to this module.

Latest version: 2.2.1

JLex 360

JLex 360 is an plugin that to display 360 degree product or panorama - created from folder or multiple images. Aply for item of Joomla! article, K2 and Virtuemart component.

Latest version: 2.1.3

JLex Get2Put

Plugin will auto-find all image from other host in content, then transfer, resize, markup and save it to your hosting. Using with Joomla! Content and K2 component.

Latest version: 1.0.0