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Video controls not showing in lightbox mode (but works when video is fullscreen)

4 months 1 week ago #4221


I'm hoping someone can help me with an issue I've been having; I use Youtube Feed Pro throughout our company website and have run into a UI issue.
The video controls are enabled in the backend, but they only display on the video when the video is fullscreened. Because the video controls are not showing in the lightbox, there is no button to fullscreen (obviously one can double-click to fullscreen, but from a UI perspective I would really like that to be a visible option, as well as the rest of the controls).

Is there a way I can make the video controls appear on the lightbox version as demo suggests is possible?
Please let me know if you need any additional information.


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4 months 1 week ago #4230

Could you help me open a new ticket + your site access? Our team will help you soon :)
The link to open ticket: www.jlexart.com/ticket

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