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JLex Review - Social media posting

1 year 6 days ago #2948

We would like to allow the user to post their 4 or 5 star review to Facebook, Google+, Yelp or other review site postings. The user would only get the option (check box for the social media sites to login and post) to add the post to their social if the give a 4 or 5 star review. If the review is 3 or below, it only would post to our website and not see the check box option.
We are using links to the various social media site review pages and JLex Review to accomplish this. It would be a great option to add to the already robust system and reduce the confusion we may be creating for the user with this setup.

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1 year 6 days ago #2949

Until now, all platforms (Facebook, Google+, Yelp) don't support write review through API, I will continue to follow and add this feature as soon as possible. Thank you :).

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