Youtube Joomla! Documentation

This documentation contains guides and how-tos for managing your Youtube Joomla! website.


Before we begin, ensure that you have met the System Requirements in order for Youtube Module to operate correctly. You may find the most basic requirements for JLex Block below:


Every information related to PHP & MySQL is presented on Joomla’s page, click here to see details

  • Joomla 2.5.x
  • Joomla 3.x

PHP Requirements

JLex Block runs on PHP and it requires PHP to exist on the site.

  • 5.3+ and above.

MySQL Requirements

JLex Block requires a minimum version of MySQL 5+

Checking System Requirements

You may review these requirements from the management system: System → System Information → PHP Settings

You can also create a very simple PHP script and include the codes below in your php file.

// This is a very simple method to load up php's settings.

Recommended Hosting Providers

We have ran a couple of tests on these hosting providers and we recommend them because we've ran a couple of tests on them and they seem to be pretty good at it. (At your own risk)

  • CloudAccess - Official Joomla! demo provider. They know what they are doing.
  • SiteGround - Optimized to run on Joomla! sites.
  • Rackspace - Pretty good support and fast.

Get started

  1. Sign in to your account and download latest version of Youtube Feed Pro.
  2. Access to Extension manager ⇒ Select Install tab
  3. Go to Extensions > Extensions Manager > Install > Select file and click install.
  4. Joomla! CMS will notify installation result. Make sure installed successfully.

Get API Youtube key

  1. Login to API Console - Google code:
  2. In select box at top, click and choose Create a project. A popup will be show, fill Name & ID of project. Then, click Create button.

  3. Choose APIs of APIs & auth in left slidebar.
  4. In left slidebar, go down to Credentials of APIs & auth, click to Create new Key and apply type is Browser key. You should empty HTTP referers text box.

  5. Select Youtube Data API and Enable API.

  6. In left slidebar, go down to Credentials of APIs & auth, click to Create new Key and apply type is Browser key. You should empty HTTP referers text box.

  7. A new API key will appear in box

Create a new Youtube module

The youtube feed pro don't limit module number in a site or page.

  1. Go to Module manager and click New button.
  2. Set module type is Youtube Feed Pro and page will be redirected to New module page.

  3. Important: Before do anything for Set layout, you must fill API key and Feed resource. Move to Key tab and fill Youtube API key

  4. Move to Feed Resource tab and set data to load.


From v3.7.1, we are support 3 type data, don't limited entry.

- Video (s): One or more Youtube URL. Support many format:

  • Qjnc0H8utks

- Playlist:
Popular format: PLNDw0dvPrjjf9DpkQK2qwB8skLLqLq8ge
You can get Playlist ID in Youtube URL, see bellow:

- Query/Channel:
With this type, you must fill one or both fields: Query and Channel ID.
+ Channel ID:
Also, you can find channel ID by using Youtube Account. In other to do it, you click to Find channel ID by Youtube username and fill Youtube username (Example: google).
+ Query: Press anything that you want, example: Iphone tutorial....etc. And bellow its is list filter parameters, such as: Video dimension (2d,3d), Video quality (High, standard), caption, live event ....etc


YTF support 3 style with fully responsive: Horizontal, Vertical and Grid. All themes is fully response for all devices.

In addition, you can use this module to custom thumbnail and trigger event for player. It will pefect if you have single video. (or list is hidden). In order to enable this feature, you must set Introduction mode param is Yes.

Then choose a image to background. In Your HTML editor: You can press anything, but you should have a button or element to trigger player events.
There is sample:

All elements has class is "ytplay" will trigger play event when clicked.

Popup mode

If you want video style player same as a popup mode, you can do it by Enable popup mode in Popup tab, and don't forget Turn on Trigger event if you enable Introduction mode before.


  1. Module type: Horizontal / Vertical
  2. jQuery Lib: Integrate jQuery library in your website (Yes/No)
  3. Show list: Turn on/off video list (Yes/No)
  4. Ratio player: 16:9 (support HD/uHD) / 4:3
  5. FullscreenEnable/disable full screen function (Yes/No)
  6. Thumbnail quality: Default/Medium/Large
  7. Show date: Yes/No
  8. Small/medium/large devices: The base to help YFP find suitable template.
  9. Show author: Yes/No
  10. Show description: Yes/No
  11. Show duration: Yes/No
  12. Show controlToggle controller of Youtube player (Yes/No)
  13. Info video in playerToggle display information bar on top player (Yes/No)
  14. Auto play: Play when website loaded (Yes/No)
  15. Auto next: Auto play next video when currently video ended (Yes/No)
  16. Relative: Toggle display relative videos when finished. (Yes/No)
  17. Video quality: Auto set quality of video when playing (Default/small/medium/large/HD 720/HD 1080)
  18. Theme player: Dark/Light
  19. Annotation: Show/hide annotation of player
  20. Youtube branding: Show/hide Youtube logo at right-bottom corner of player
  21. Loop: Set Yes if you want auto play again (apply for ONE video)