Gallery Content Documentation

This documentation contains guides and how-tos for managing your Gallery Content website.


Before we begin, ensure that you have met the System Requirements in order for Gallery Content to operate correctly. You may find the most basic requirements for Gallery Content below:


Every information related to PHP & MySQL is presented on Joomla’s page, click here to see details

PHP Requirements

JLex Helpful runs on PHP and it requires PHP to exist on the site.

  • 5.3+ and above.
  • GD Library. In order to manipulate images that are uploaded on the site.

PHP Settings

Minimum version: 5.3.x

Available Extensions

Joomla! Article, K2 and Virtuemart.

Checking System Requirements

You may review these requirements from the management system: System → System Information → PHP Settings

You can also create a very simple PHP script and include the codes below in your php file.

// This is a very simple method to load up php's settings.

Recommended Hosting Providers

We have ran a couple of tests on these hosting providers and we recommend them because we've ran a couple of tests on them and they seem to be pretty good at it. (At your own risk)

  • SiteGround - Optimized to run on Joomla! sites.
  • Rackspace - Pretty good support and fast.


  1. Download latest version of this extension.
  2. Access to Extension manager ⇒ Select Install tab
  3. Choose file that you downloaded and install it.
  4. Joomla! CMS will notify installation result. Make sure installed successfully.

Create a Gallery

After install successfully, you must enable this plugin. Go to Joomla! Content or K2 item form and paste below code:

Create gallery from folder:

Ex. {jlex}folder:images/myphotos{/jlex}

From Picasa:

Ex. {jlex}picasa:102223/myphotos{/jlex}

From Flickr:

Ex. {jlex}flickr:123456789{/jlex}

From Mix:



    {image:images/myfriends.jpg|My Friends|Best Friend|}
    {image:http://othersite/images/mymom.jpg|My Mom}
    {youtube:|On the floor}{vimeo:|A Year Through My Win|<b>Bold text</b>}


  1. Themes: Select 1 of 5 above themes.
  2. Max height thumbnail: Max height to resize image in local host.
  3. Max width thumbnail: Max width to resize image in local host.
  4. Method crop: Fits image into width and height while keeping original aspect ratio, Crop:Crops image to fill the area while keeping original aspect ratio, Fill:Fits image into the area without taking care of any ratios.
  5. Autoplay: Play galleries when page ready.
  6. Time: Period to play next image in gallery.
  7. Lightbox: Helper for attaching a lightbox (to zoom in) when the user clicks on an image.
  8. Image crop: Defines how the main image will be cropped inside it's container.
  9. Show Counter: Toggles display the counter
  10. Transition: Defines what transition to use.(Fade,Flash,...)
  11. Fullscreen Doubletap: Enabled fullscreen toggle on doubletap for touch devices.
  12. Image navigation: Toggles the image navigation arrows.