List bugs fixed:

  1. Thumbnail issue: Originals are displayed instead of thumbnails.
  2. Read more: In the old version, the readmore feature work incorrect with comment that contain image
  3. Some issues related to Subscribe feature
  4. Email to admin/moderator is missing subject
  5. Reduce size of emoji icons

Besides, you can also turn on/off storage client IP address (by GDPR).

New Captcha plugin

Jlex Comment image captcha plugin

The captcha system will help reduce spammer, commenting system will work better. Beside reCaptcha plugin, today we release new ImageCaptcha and can work in a stand-alone environment such as LAN, LOCAL

Search Plugin

JLex Comment search plugin

This plugin use to integrate with Joomla! search system. Through Joomla! search system, you can find comment by keywords.