Release JLex Comment 1.5.3 and its add-ons

List bugs fixed: Thumbnail issue: Originals are displayed instead of thumbnails. Read more: In the old version, the readmore feature work incorrect with comment that contain image Som

How to find JavaScript conflict in Joomla?

While JavaScript are beautiful and very handy, they can also bring down a site if in conflict with each other. One can expect JavaScript conflicts to appear as more and more extensions are installed in a Joomla site. The extensions may be using different JavaScript libraries or different library versions or libraries made by different developers which can be in conflict to each other.

JLex Review 4.1.3 is Now Available

Some change-logs in newest version of JLex Review. Click to read details.

Some Updates for Our Extensions

Released JLex Review v4.07, JLex Comment v1.37 and JLex Block v5.16. Read full article.

JLex Comment 1.3.3 Is Now Available

JLex Comment v1.3.3 released!. New features are brought to this version. Click to see detail.

[Updated] Summer sale! Get discount 20% for any extension

JLexArt has started great Sales on Summer Holidays and gives 20% discount on any JLexArt extension for a limited time. In addition, you can get great combo package for discount up to 35%. Let's go!

JLex Review 4 RC Is Now Available

Bugs and limited in use are reason why we release this version. We spent three months to collect bugs from special clients and update this extension. Because this version just for testing (RC) so I hope receiver more feedbacks from you !

[Tutorial] Custom HTML module - Some tricks you should know

In this quick tutorial we show you special features in Joomla Module HTML. From adding CSS, Javascript to assign Joomla Content plugin to this module.

[Tutorial] How to create an Ajax Search Module for Joomla

Why should use Ajax technology in your site? . With Ajax, visitors can try multiple different searches without refreshing the page. Another reason that it will return correctly result instead of BLANK PAGE :(. In this tutorial, I will help you create a quick ajax module based on Smart Search component.

40 Free Stock Photos of Work Environments

High-quality, free stock photos are hard to come by, but we made it easier for you! We decided to gather here 40 free stock photos of work environments. We know that these versatile images ca come in handy when working on a website, app or just about any kind of project.

Released: Joomla Youtube module v4.3.6

Youtube Feed Pro v4.3.6 released!. Popular featured of youtube module is brought to this version. Click to see detail.

Lunar New Year Offerings

Lunar New Year is the first day of a secular, sacred, or other guise whose months are coordinated by the cycles of the moon and we will have 7 limited support on the holiday. Also, don’t forget our BIG PRESENT for you!!!

JLex Comment 1.1.5 released

Released JLex Comment v1.1.5. Almost bugs in first version fixed. Also, some featured added. Click to see detail.

Best Free Responsive Magazine News Joomla Templates 2016

In this post, we’d like to focus your attention on Free Responsive Magazine News Joomla Templates. Of course, you can always opt for custom designs if you are ready to part ways with thousands of dollars. But those of you who are on a tight budget can use ready-made templates, taking into account that there are lots of freebies out there.